Outdoor Spaces and Boundaries

Following the idea of artist Daniel Nikolaus Kocher new concepts to interact with doors are develeoped by international artists and the youth of Lech. These doors will be put into the landscape to be dismissed of their original function. 

The interview with Daniel Nikolaus Kocher and furher details on the participtaing artists can be found here:

On warriors & dragonflies

The Summer. I admit quite openly, this is my time of year. Nature pulls out all the stops, spreads shining colours left and right as if there was no tomorrow. Lush green, as far as the eye can see: leaf and olive green, fir and grass green, pine and fern green. In between, luscious dots of colour in alpine rose red and marigold yellow, gentian blue and wolf's bane purple, yarrow white and fire lily orange. A feast for all senses, balsam for the soul. Like a soft, cuddly blanket the colours spread across the fields, slopes and meadows, invite us to immerse ourselves. So let us head for Zug, for instance. In the early morning. The fields are steaming mildly, in pleasant anticipation of the hot day. The sky, blue as wide as the eye can see, shifts a few little clouds to and fro, creating space for the mighty sun. From the little Zug chapel, behind the long-standing Hotel Rote Wand, the path rises sharply, zig-zagging through the magic forest, past fabulous creatures, created by the artist Daniel Nikolaus Kocher for the third stage of the Green Ring, and enriching the arduous ascent, requiring the hiker to keep his eyes open, for the small, the hidden signs, which he and four other sculptors left along the path, or also set back from it a little, in 2009.

Arriving on the Balmalpe, a truly fantastic view opens up of Zug and Lech, of the commanding Omeshorn and the impressive Rüfikopf, of the Zuger Tobel, the Tälisspitze and the Steinmähder. The lift stanchions and gondolas sparkle in the blinding sunshine like diamonds. In the wintertime, a paradise begins here for skiers and snowboarders. In the summer, the hiker is able to make out which paths to take, which alp to visit, which summits still to conquer. The options, well, they reach all the way to the horizon, and beyond. Less than half an hour it would take to stand on top of the Kriegerhorn (lit. Warrior's Horn), sounding more martial than it actually is. There has never been any fighting up here, apart from maybe struggling with the wind, that whistles gaily across the saddle and then simply lets itself drop towards the Tannberg. A wide, comfortable gravel path leads across the Kriegersattel, past the reservoir and the Chluppa, a stone wall bearing the names of the people of Lech, down to the Kriegeralpe, a popular resting place in the summer as in the winter. Past the gypsum holes, finally, the path leads downhill gently through sumptuous meadows. The smell of fresh grass and flowers in full bloom mingles with the scent of aromatic hay. Bees busily whizz about, dragonflies hover above the ground, “stand” in the air, abruptly change direction like versatile helicopters, only more beautiful, more fragile. And if you are lucky, you will see a hawk, or several of them, gliding noiselessly through the air, in order then, like lightning, to shoot down towards their prey. Oberlech is not far now. If you stop for a rest, let your gaze sweep across the mountain tops and gravel slopes, across the alpine pastures, the farmsteads and hamlets, and blink towards the beaming sun, you will feel as if the summer will never end.

New Postcards 2017

Take the new poctcards designed by artist Daniel Nikolaus Kocher and throw the into one of postboxes along the route.

The design of the cards is changing. Take a look at the designs throughout the years:

Pictures & Designs

The Green Ring Hike through the eyes of an internship

If you are looking for a great morning hike with gorgeous views, the first leg of The Green Ring is the perfect choice. It only takes about two to three hours depending if you stop for refreshments or decide to take the bus back instead of walking.

The incredible start of you journey is a gondola ride up to Rufikopf. When you arrive at the top, you can take a moment to soak in the panorama. 360degrees of gorgeous mountains surround you.

As you make your way down the trail you come across a small lake, which is perfect to cool down on a hot day, but be careful, it is very cold! If the day isn’t too warm or you just don’t want to get wet, there is a great alternative here. On the other side of the lake there is a mailbox, which provides one with a postcard they can fill out and put inside. After the end of each summer, the mail is collected and sent out. This is the perfect little reminder of your trip to Lech when you are back in reality doing your daily routine. What a great surprise to come home to a postcard from your trip a while back!

After that quick break you continue on your way. Make sure to follow the marks, it is easy to get distracted by the scenery and suddenly realize you’re no longer on the marked trail. Sounds like I might have made that mistake. Live and learn, I guess.

As you make your descent there is a little restaurant halfway down for your enjoyment. I highly recommend having a glass of strawberry milk; it comes directly from the cows on property! Once that break is over you can either continue on the popular route, or take the road less traveled, which is marked starting behind the restaurant. If you choose that route, which is my favorite, you will come across a little waterfall.

When you get down to the main road, you may head towards Zuers and take the bus back, or you can head towards Lech and continue on the marked trail to walk back. If it’s a nice day, why would you want to take a bus? This time you take the trail that runs along the river. A little ways down the beaten path, you find another, slightly larger waterfall.

On the way back towards the village will know you are close when you see the golf course on your right and Hotel Post’s pool on your left. I would love to have a pool like that in my backyard! After admiring the pool, continue down the road and you end up back where you started! According to my iPhone it was about seven miles, you deserve a nice cold beer after that!